Scrambled / rolling image on sony KVHR36 CRT

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Hi all,

I have a 5-6 year old sony KVHR36 (36") CRT, with has a fault after it
warms up. Having trouble deciding whether to go to the effort of
having it repaired, since even though it cost $2500 at the time, it's
probably only worth a few $100 today. Based on fault description that
follows, has anyone seen this issue or have an inkling of what it
could be (and what typically might cost to repair)?

After a couple of hours of operation (varies), the screen image
scrambles, and you see horizontal lines that gradually scroll upwards
(wrapping across screen). You can see the colours in the scene (of
whatever signal is being received by that channel) in the scrambled
image. This problem persists, though if you turn the unit off for a
few hours, when you turn it on again everything is back to normal.
It's not the input signal, as all the internal TV menus have the same

Images showing the scrambled look (not sure if video would be useful)

Any comments/feedback appreciated, cheers!

Re: Scrambled / rolling image on sony KVHR36 CRT

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Here are service manuals:

- Franc Zabkar
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