YT: Raspberry Pi joins BBC Micro on the Tube.

Found this of retro geek interest,
The Tube being not YouTube or a canned human transport system, but the
second processor connector, where then the Pi can pretend to be a 6502
SP, native ARM, or a 80286, and others ...
Acorn BBC Master Raspberry Pi Co pro demo
formatting link

formatting link

0 for the 65tube based 65C02 Co Processor @274MHz
1 for the 65tube based 6502 Co Processor @3MHz
2 for the lib6502 based 65C02 Co Processor @19.8MHz
4 for the Z80 Co Processor w CP/M bootstrap
8 for the 80286 Co Processor
9 for Acorn 6809 Co Processor
12 for the Acorn ARM2 Co Processor (Acorn)
13 for the Pandora 32000 Co Processor
14 To disable the Co Processor
15 for the native ARM1176 1GHz processor
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Wow there are still working Tube chips, I am impressed. Back in the day at Torch I decided not to use the Tube because:
a) It wasn't ready and wouldn't be in time b) It was hideously over-engineered - we used back to back parallel ports
I wonder if there are any Z80 disc packs still working.
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