Raspbian vide performance poor

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Just bought my first Pi a Pi3 principally to run a Docker/WebServer, it  
seems pretty good for this so far.

However as is the way with these things I was curious as to if it could  
be used for a HTPC. Raspbian/Pixel seemed ok as an OS. Chromium web  
browsing was a bit slow but not too bad. Video performance was poor (I  
think I used vlc) and iPlayer was also poor, unusable full screen on my TV.

So I tried Libreelec. Video performance was fine, Streamed HD TV, H264,  
Youtube all good. It even played some of my smaller HEVC (H265) files  
without problems (bigger ones stuttered.) However Libreelec didn't have  
a proper browser and the Youtube interface was terrible (even if the  
stuff played ok).

So the question: is possible to get a set up which combines the good  
browser of Raspbian Pixel with the video performance of Libreelec.

Pixel with vlc would be ideal if it can be configured correctly.

Re: Raspbian vide performance poor
On 07/04/2017 11:01, Nick wrote:
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LibreElec is a minimal OS around the Kodi media player, the Pi3 is  
powerful enough to be able to run Kodi from Raspbian as required.


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Re: Raspbian vide performance poor
On 08/04/2017 12:01, druck wrote:
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I tried a default install of Kodi from Raspbian Pixel. It is terrible  
and doesn't seem to be able to handle HD TV. Possibly this is due to  
overhead from Raspbian Pixel, possibly due to Kodi configuration. Either  
way it seems that the people who built Libreelec knew what they were  
doing and I don't.

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Re: Raspbian vide performance poor
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At one time there was much hope that the graphics software of
Raspbian could be developed to make use of the GPU. From what
I've seen of the "experimental GL driver" the games work well
but nothing else does.  

Can anybody offer insight as to what happened?

Thanks for reading,

bob prohaska

Re: Raspbian vide performance poor
On 09/04/2017 03:19, bob prohaska wrote:

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It did look suspiciously like the GPU wasn't being used properly. BBC  
iPlayer was happy to decode video in a small window but stuttered on  
full screen mode.

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