Quick %timeit request for anyone with a pi and ipython installed

I've been playing around with ipython and have just started looking at its
parallel computing capabilities. My current main (aka only) hardware consis
ts of a fabulously underpowered Atom N2600 netbook from 2012, maxed out at
3 gb, augmented by a fairly nice external monitor that I'm considering turn
ing over to a Pi-2.
I've run comparisons (well, a comparison) on the little netbook, VMs provid
ed by
formatting link
and the only other hardware at my disposa
l, a four year old Android tablet, using the following in ipython:
import math
%timeit math.factorial(2**14)
Sage Math Cloud has ipython (2), but not ipython3 - this will run faster in
Python 3 than 2. On the tablet, I have a chroot Debian environment with i
python3 installed, but not 2. On the netbook are both.
These are the results:
netbook: 69.6 ms
tablet: 120 ms
netbook: 687 ms
Sage Cloud: 113 ms
I'd be grateful if anyone with ipython (2 or 3, but please specify) install
ed on a pi could run this and report their results - I'd love to know how a
Pi (especially a Pi 2) compares.
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Steve Leach
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RPi 2, standard "Pi2" overclocking via raspi-config:
arm_freq=1000 core_freq=500 sdram_freq=500 over_voltage=2
ipython2: 1.12 s ipython3: 177 ms
Quite a difference from 2 to 3!
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A. Dumas

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