I would like to run pulseaudio4 with module-rtp-recv on my raspberry.
Unfortunetly there was only pulseaudio2. Is there any image with
pulsaudio4 or pulseaudio5 ?
Thanks in advance
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"Jörg W."
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Pidora seems to have pulseaudio-5.0.
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Tomasz Torcz
now i have a rtp-renderer with pulseaudio 4.0.
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"Jörg W."
Unfortunetly there is still a huge delay (~500ms) using rtp-send -> rtp-recv both pulseaudio4. If pulseaudio has low latency, there must be some buffers somewhere else. I have no idea, how to get synchronous sound unsing raspberry.
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"Jörg W."

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