Old PI - No ACT light

Yesterday my PI was working fine. Today I couldn't SSH to it. Checking the
LEDs I see only PWR is on, no ACT even after restart.
I read online it could be a malfunctioning SD card. So I used another card
used the GUI installer to install Raspbian. Inserted into PI and restarted,
again no ACT and nothing on the monitor.
Could the SD card hardware be the issue? Anyone see this before?
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Richard Lewis
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The part that I have seen is a RasPi that appeared dead (so dead that I put it ready to recycle with the other electronic waste), though the SD card was still fully readable elsewhere. On a whim I decided to try it again with a different SD card. Lo and behold, it lives again.
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David Higton
Could be. Or a capacitor in the power supply blew up. Try with another power supply.
Kees Nuyt
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Kees Nuyt
Anecdotal, I know but I would suggest testing or swopping out the power supply, in five years and several pi's I have had two Raspberry branded power supplies fail, one with a dead electrolytic capacitor fixed with a new capacitor soldered in and the other with an undiscovered fault.
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I saw one with those symptoms recently, AFAIR. Do you have a voltmeter? Check whether there's anything on the 3V3 pin on the GPIO.
I don't know how it got into that state, but I conjecture that someone had shorted something and blown the 3V3 regulator on the RPi.
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John Aldridge

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