Noise or interference in analog output

I've had a Raspberry Pi 2 for a few days. It is connected to the TV with HD
MI, but I want to use audio system in analog output. I configure audio in O
penELEC in analog mode. But, when I play music or watch a video, there is a
quite annoying background noise, as interference, which only attenuates if
I turn the volume up.
It isn't a speaker problem because I've got the same problem with the headp
hones. The noise or interference it's only heard when the speakers are emit
ting a sound. In fact, the sound of the menu also has interference. The HDM
I sound is fine , but I'm interested in analog output.
I've been looking for a solution for a couple or days, but I haven't found
a solution. I've even tried to install a ferrite filter in the power cord ,
but it hasn't worked.
Have you got any idea of which could be the problem? Thank you very much.
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I'd say that ferrite chokes would be more use on high frequency cabling than on the power lead.
What sort of enclosure is your RPi in?
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Martin Gregorie
The DAC on a Pi leaves a little to be desired, it works but is noisey as you have found. If you want HiFi quality audio without using the HDMI you need to get a separate DAC board.
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Dave Liquorice
There is a deliberate jitter in the code for sound on the analogue output - it's an attempt to reduce aliasing at very quiet levels. you could try dis able_audio_dither=1 in config.txt - it had some effect for me. But the re al answer is either digital sound via hdmi or a separate sound card. I've b een trying the Suptronics X300 card (see for details) with some succ ess.
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If there is added jitter it is broadband and very unlikely you would ever hear it.

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