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I set up a local web server, and recently made updates that involve new background images on the page. When I navigate to, the new page and images are displayed, as expected. However, if I navigate to http://localhost/, the old page is still being rendered. Would anyone know what might be the cause? I tried deleting all history, but it made no difference. I'm using the default browser in Raspbian Jessie, with all updates as of yesterday.


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John Smith
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Try Shift-reload. It's a lot quicker.


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Theo Markettos

Have you got something like NoScript plug-in on your browser? If so then you may have enabled scripts for but not for localhost, which is treated as a different URL.


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Thanks, Theo. I had tried that, but it didn't help. Thanks all for the suggestions.

The problem is resolved now. Here is what I did previously in the browser, when the problem existed...

  • Clicked Settings, History.
  • Clicked Edit, History, then the Clear button at the "Clear browsing history?" prompt.

Here is what actually corrected the problem...

  • Clicked Settings, Personal Data.
  • Clicked the Clear button, checked all four boxes (Cookies, Saved passwords, History and Temporary files), then clicked the Clear button.
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John Smith

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