gmail without http ?

Did any rPi user ever manage to work gmail, without
that hatefull web-based interface?
So that you can:
= fetch several mails, and keep them to edit/reply;
= send several mails, from a single on-line session: go, go, go..
without being constantly on-line.
I know about the special port for gmail [546 or something];
but can't find info on testing TTL?TSL as stand-alone.
One needs to be able to SEPARATELY test the various stages in the
"pipe", to reduce the complexity and confusion.
Please advise.
== TIA.
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Any recent POP3 or IMAP email client will work with gmail.
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Dave Liquorice
Which MTA are you using. I couldn't get Gmail or Yahoo mail to send with extm4, so I replaced it with sSMTP and got it working immediately.
I don't have any requirement to receive email on my rPis.
I posted about it here in the recent thread "extim4 & SSL/TLS" but my contributions seem to have evaporated from Eternal-September (!)

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============== I saw your post [pasted below], but when I investigated, it seemed that sSMTP is only for sending? Since I've only got gmail accounts:2; I use [aka various browsers]. The pop protocol is so simple, that you can do the steps manually via telnet. It's this SSL/TLS stuff that I don't want to waste effort studying. Also I must have NOT always-on-line. In the old days, with an ISP, I could go on-line: = fetch directory, = fetch mail1, fetch mail2..... = send mail 5, send mail6, .. = delete mailX : by just selecting the item from the fetched-directory and kliking it.
5 such transactions would take 10 seconds. Since rPi has more modern software than my PC's Salk13, if rPi shows the way, I'll follow with the PC. IIRC PC:mutt wanted to stay on-line.
------------ you wrote:---
Thanks for that, and to the others who replied.
I have been trying all week but couldn't get it to work with my sky/yahoo account or a gmail account.
In desperation I removed it and installed sSMTP instead. What a simple thing to set up by comparison.
It worked immediately with either account, and I commend it to the group.
apt-get install ssmtp mailutils mpack
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Mozilla Thunderbird will connect to Gmail over IMAP or POP3. There is a setup wizard which handles ssl/tls and port setting. Seamonkey combines email with a web browser and chat capability. I believe it borrows from Thu nderbird on the Email side. These are desktop options. Setting either mail client up for your mail services may show what setting other programs may need for successful operation. I do not know if they work for sending scri pted emails, system alerts for example.
They allow creation and reading of email offline. Mail is sent and receiv ed during an online session, as whole documents. This bypasses the web base d mail browser / editor which requires a constant active internet connectio n.
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Jeffrey Plum
MUA: anything configured for maildirs and a local MTA MTA: sSMTP Mail fetching: OfflineIMAP
This really isn't a hard problem.
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