Compiling wily?

wily really is a killer-ap.
It's the public-domain version of the plan9 acme, based on the
ideas of ETH-Oberon. Plan9 was designed by the boys that designed
unix. After they had made, tested, used unix, they said "OK, now
we know how it SHOULD have been". But it was too late.
Like any dominant language: no matter how bad it is, once it's
commonly used, it can't be replaced.
wily, acme [I've never actually seen it] & ETHO are visual tools.
You don't type messages to the-little-man-in-the-box.
You manipulate, what you see on the screen.
Eg. for rPi with only 2 USBs and one needed for my 3Gdongle,
wily allows me to go-on-line to fetch email & http..etc.
without a keyboard.
I seek a solution to my big problem:
wily has reversed the left/right button for scrolling, compared
to ETH-Oberon. Since I've been using ETHO since 1999, that made
wily feel like riding-a-bicycle facing backwards. Very uncomfortable.
Before rPi was available I used wily on my x86PC, where I had 'fixed'
the 'reverse mouse scrolling problem'. wily for rPi is a few years
newer than my PC-version. The installed wily rPi binary is nice
except for the reverse-scrolling-problem. The 2* *tar.gz rPi:wily
sources have MONSTER configure files, and refers to *9lib*
files which are needed; which apparently x86PC had, when I patched
the PC-source and compiled it to fix the reverse-scroll problem.
I'm failing to compile the rPi:wily source/s.
I don't want to sweat-blood to compile rPi:wily, since I don't
really want to know about C [which is also monsterous crap, compared
to Oberon]. It would be good if some C-officianados installed wily
from source, and told how to do so.
Isn't it amazing how the monsterous crap is the most popular?
For any one who installs wily [from source please], and appreciates
it, we've recently also got ALO [ARM Linux Oberon].
On my PC, I've typicall got 3 Oberon running, and 6 wily.
So wily seems more usefull, but Oberon is the heavy-artillery, for
the most difficult problems needing many files/frames open together
on the screen, with the ability to related text.
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