First PI Project?

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Hello There,

I have decided to acquire a PI 3b and experiment with it as a project. I am  
thinking of either setting up Mystic on it or interfacing it with  an Icom 706  
mk-IIg radio I have sitting here. This is my first venture involving a PI. I  
decided to start out with a PI 3b, a 2.5A power supply, and a plastic case. I  
already have a 32G SD card and the necessary  peripherals such as cables and  
input devices. I see this project that  once setup is a setup and let it do  
it's thing project. If the first  PI project is successful I could foresee  
additional PI projects.

Anyone have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions?


Re: First PI Project?
On Tue, 21 Mar 2017 16:08:50 +1200, (Jeff Smith) wrote:

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I have three PIs and, as you envisage, all of them were bought with
dedicated projects in mind and run 365/24/7

In order of acquisition:

a RPi 1b running

This has been running continuously for three years and has been
totally reliable. It's by far the most productive Pi in my collection
I just use a minimal SD card to boot it and then hand over to an
attached 160GB lump of spinning rust, which is large enough to
function as a NAS drive for my Windows boxes and pi #2

The second Pi, also a 1b was acquired about a year later and hangs
from an HDMI port of my TV. It runs OSMC / Kodi and is mainly used to
entertain the grandchildren with youtube clips and photos & movies
stored on the NAS. I haven't really had the time or inclination to
explore it's functionality to the full, and to be honest the GUI is
rather slow.

My third Pi is a Pi Zero with a WiFi dongle and runs this smart
thermostat project (but in a case 1/4 of the size)

month to have one, I just made it to show what can be done on a

I've got an IC706 Mk1, and have yet to play with the interface.

73 OM de G3ZVT


Re: First PI Project?
On 3/21/2017 12:08 AM, Jeff Smith wrote:
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Not a lot of fun, but I would suggest that as a first project you learn  
to build your disk from the ground up or from a backup.  Get a couple of  
extra SD cards and practice wiping them clean and rebuilding.  Once you  
get good at that, then you are ready to "experiment".  :)


Rick C

Re: First PI Project?
On 21/03/2017 04:08, Jeff Smith wrote:
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A few I did:

David GM8ARV
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Re: First PI Project?

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Sounds fun :-)

If you're also into distributed computing for social good, it is
simplicity itself to dedicate unused CPU to BOINC projects like
Note that maxing a Pi 3's CPU for more than ten minutes or so will lead
to CPU throttling, so you may want to install active cooling like a 40mm
fan. Avoid smaller and fast fans (in fact you can often slow 5V fans
down by connecting them to the 3.3V pin, instead), as they can be very
loud. A slow to moderately fast 40 - 60mm fan will do a excellent job
cooling, while making very little noise. I like the Noctua NF-A4x10 5V
because it is super quiet, to the point where I've several running in my
living room and they add nothing to ambient noise. Also note that in
cheaper fans, sleeve bearings are common, and they run a bit louder and
wear out faster when run horizontally (as is common in Pi cases).

For me, nearly every single board computing project involves such dual
use, as I'm a big distributed computing fan and it's fun for me to see
how many work units I can process with tiny low power boards like the
Pi. It kinda game-ifies the process for me, heh.

I think you'll find that once you build your first Pi project, that it
will not be the last ;-)
My problem isn't a lack of good ideas, but money, time, and
unfortunately for me where I live - a lack of access to affordable 3D
printing, which would be a great boon to my ambitions. Off the shelf
parts solve most problems, but inelegantly. I wish I could afford my own
3D printer, but can't justify it. Not yet, anyway *grins*

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

Re: First PI Project?
On 3/21/2017 12:08 AM, Jeff Smith wrote:
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I was nosing around the web and found this...


Rick C

Re: First PI Project?
On 23/03/17 16:11, rickman wrote:
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Or download issues of magpi from here.

Buy or totally free!

Adrian C

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