dongle wifi non più riconosciuto raspbian

su un raspberry con Volumio su SD ho scollegato un dongle wifi "a caldo". D
a, l'ho collegato ad una porta usb di un pc windows e funziona perfettament
to la SD e ho ricaricato Volumio (che di base credo sia una distribuzione R
aspbian) ma nulla da fare, funziona solo la rete cablata nella porta ethern
Cosa posso provare a fare?
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Does the USB socket work OK with other devices that are USB-powered?
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Rob Morley
Are we sure that the driver for the dongle works in Linux? Not everything that works in Windows has a Linux driver.
There should be a supported hardware list on the Debian site. I'd check that first before anything else.
I haven't tried the ndis driver on a Raspberry PI. It is a kernel module that lets Linux drive a wireless network interface using Windows XP files. That gives you an idea of how long ago I used it on an Intel box. Things could have advanced with the times.
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Vlad D. Markov
He said he unplugged it while it was running, and now it no longer works even with a fresh OS install (although it does on a Windows box).
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Rob Morley
After tearing out my guts, to go on-line with a 3G-dongle, I analysed why it seemed so difficult. It's because people who have done it don't know the underlying mechamism, or that they say "doA, doB.... The correct method, especially for a 'serial-event-process' is: CONFIRM1, CONFIRM2, .... There's no point in tuning for the station, until it's confirmed that the 'radio-is-switched-on'. For 3gDongle do: = confirm that usb-dongle is detected by system; lsusb, demesg | tail, ..etc. = confirm that method to switch dongle from CDROM to modem works: `eject ` usually suffices, else there's = my dongle gives feedback via LEDs. Only after the above stages have succeeded, need you go on to ppp ..etc.
I can't remember why [it's in my notes], but rPi needed in my old PC's chat/ppp script. Apparently rPi's pppd is different. I had to install on rPi. OTOH apparently they use something else today. I could paste my scripts?
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