Article: "Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 IoT Core: A Huge Letdown"

"Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 IoT Core: A Huge Letdown"
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Hmmm. Basically the article says that it is indeed Windows 10 IoT Core,
which does what Win10IoTcore is supposed to do, and is a platform for
running applications.
Still, the author has a point. When Microsoft first announced "Windows
10" for the Pi2, several technical news sites tried vainly to contact
Microsoft for more details, and most initially guessed that it would be
like Windows RT, which we now know it isn't.
As the article says, Win10IoTcore is suited for embedded system vendors
replacing WinCE systems, and is of less interest to hobbyists.
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Dave Farrance
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Indeed. According to MS's release notes, there is about as much that does not work as there is that does.
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ray carter
But could easily have been, as that ran on ARM SOCs. But no, it was just MSFT people trying to big themselves up, because they're worried that nobody cares about them any more.
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Rob Morley
Isn't that the default assumption for any MS OS?
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Jim Diamond

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