Voice Chip, any ideas?


I'm looking for a voice chip that can save 5-10 audio files(10-15s long) and can play them one after the other by sending 5V to the input (one audio with every pulse).

I bought a chip from Windbond (ISD17120SYI), which is a multi-message, single-chip voice record and playback (although I don't need recording). But this one has been discontinued. Apart from that this one had a lot of extra features that I will not be using...

Does anyone know a manufacturer that has one of these?


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Don't know of sources for that chip, but this might be an alternative.

The Somo 14D stores voice (or other sound) on a micro-SD card, so you have nearly unlimited storage (number and duration of sounds). The Somo 14D runs in two modes - mucroprocessor control or key. In key mode, the controls are On, Off, Next, where a low on Next plays the next file.

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I have one waiting for me on the bench now - just haven't been able to get to it (waiting while hand surgery heals gets old fast).

Sparkfun in the US usually carries the chip but are out of stock today:

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OKI Semiconductor makes a bunch of sound chips that probably cover what you want to do.

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