Viewsonic 19" monitor color problem

I have a viewsonic 19" monitor, model A90F and it appears to be brand new.

problem is, when you boot up a computer it appears to work but the boot screen is yellow other colros show up properly under the yellow tint.

when investigating the color setting on the monitor, and went to manual adjust the red blue and green, the green color says "locked" and wont let me adjust it. so of course the screen has a yellowish tint to everything because the green color is locked in some weird color pattern.

I thought it was just the video card of the computer throwing the monitor off but it did it on any computer I tried it on

what would have caused the monitor to lock out the green color from being adjusted, and how can I fix it? the monitor was free cause someont threw it out but as I said it looks brand new and hell, it would be a shame to waste a good 19" monitor if its something that can be fixed.

any help on this I would appreciate. thanks for your time :)

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