Use a notebook TFT as normal monitor

Hello, can anyone help a newbie here? I would like to turn my notebooks old TFT into a normal working Monitor... via VGA probably... But, there is a problem, i dont have any idea from where to begin! Any help would be appreciated! Thanx in advance! JBK

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This comes up frequently, the short answer is don't bother. Sure it can be done, but it would involve building a customized controller and would cost more than just buying a larger ready made TFT monitor. Notebook TFT displays are not standard VGA, they use a specialized graphics controller on the motherboard. It is a very complex thing to attempt and I'm not aware of anyone who has done it successfully.

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James Sweet

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006 11:33:52 +0000, jbk Has Frothed:

More trouble than it's worth.

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Meat Plow

its been done, but is far from simple. A usable approach in some cases is to run remote desktop software, and fire up the laptop on linux live. This can get round hdd failure, floppy failure, cd failure, and some other laptop problems, but not all.


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