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Ok, Im not really repairing anything (yet), but since I love this group so much, Im posting this noob question here anyway. :) Im in urgent need to connect an adsl access point to the telephon line and to do it I've two options The 1st one to use about 1 meter of telephon cable and have it sharing the same plastic duct used by the power grid wires (not the smartest idea, I know). While the second one is to connect the access point through a 6-7 meters cable enclosed into a 5 to 6 meters copper pipe (not grounded) Could this pipe work like an antenna and represent a possible source of noise on the signal cable? or could the cable lenght cause an appreciable signal attenuation? Which of these 2 options should I pick? :)

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#2 is best. the copper pipe will act as a shield and is harmless.

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Absolutely absolutely do not do this. Not even "not the smartest..." it is totally stupid, from all viewpoints and is not an option.

Since this is the only option you have, go for it. I doubt the copper conduit (I will have to assume it is only going to be used for this wire) won't affect it substantially.

What kind of signal? What kind of wire? What you don't say is vital, either tell people exactly what you are doing, or forget getting meaningful answers.

There is only one option above.

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You should never run signal wiring parallel to service power wiring. The additional 6-7 meter length of wiring will have little effect on your ADSL signal. The wiring back to the phone company's central office is much longer. The copper pipe will have no effect, other than physically protecting the wiring from damage by insects and rodents. If you experience interference of any sort, you can connect one end of the copper pipe to earth ground (either directly to earth or to a power line safety earth connection point. Chances are that you'll never know that it's there.

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Just don't connect the copper pipe at two different points to things that are not at exactly the same potential..Otherwise, you will have current flowing in the copper pipe and that can introduce noise into the telephone cable. Even if it is two twisted pairs, there is a common-mode current induced in the telephone cable that might do interesting things to whatever is connected at the ends.

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Don't share the DSL wire space with power wires. Make sure you twist the pares if using raw wire or use CAT5 and one of the the twisted pairs. That extra few meters isn't going to affect your line quality of noise level.

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