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Hi all, I own an old Tektronix 4107 serial terminal, not really useful, but I like having working pieces of history. It used to work, but after some years of storage, it doesn't work anymore. It powers up, fan spins, some led on the PCBs lighten up, the caps-lock led on the keyboard flashes forever. The reset button doesn't seem to do anything, screen remains dark unless I press the self-test button and then it becomes white-ish with raster lines visible but not equally spaced it seems. I've been unable to find a service manual or even only a schematic on the net and I've stared at the thing wondering how one is supposed to start removing the electronic boards (there's a huge amount of electronics in this 1983 terminal). I would start probing the vital signals of the CPU and so on, but it's really hard without even knowing how the boards are supposed to be estracted from the case. Now, I'm sure someone out there has a service manual lying around, so I'd appreciate a copy of it (just kidding, but, why not asking)?

Any hint/help is welcome.

Best regards

Frank IZ8DWF

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says some Tek part numbers for the manuals are:

4107/4109 Programmmers Reference Manual 070-4893-00 4107/4109 Reference Guide 070-4892-00 4107 Service Manual 070-4889-00

The programmer's reference is available here

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but unfortunately not the service manual.

You might ask over in comp.terminals , too.

Matt Roberds

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