Sound but no picture

This seems to be a pretty technical forum, I hope this isn't too simplistic of a question.

My big-screen RCA TV suddenly displays just a black screen. Sound's OK. I've tried different inputs, both satellite and DVD, in three different input options - co-axial cable, RCA jacks (in video 1 and video 2 input jacks), but to no avail.

The puzzling part is, when I change the volume, I see the volume bar on the screen. Plus, I can access the built-in menu for the TV. But I cannot see the satellite menu.

Anyone have any thoughts as to how I can correct this? Or should I leave it to a repairman?

Thanks in advance! Steve.

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A model or chassis series would have been helpful.

Try unplugging for the TV for a few minutes to see if that clears it. If not, it will require a technician familiar with RCA projection TVs.


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