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I have a Sony PS-X6 Record Player ( A turntable - yes, I am old!). The turntable has a strobe light to show if the speed is in sync. The table is turning out of sync. Its like the speed is varying both at

45 and at 33 rpm speeds. Please any help on this problem will be appreciated. I don't have a Sony shop close by, but I am a bit handy with electronics and I hope with some help I can fix this.


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I also have a Sony PS-X6 turntable inherited from my parents alon with a nice record collection. I haven't been able to figure out ho to get the arm to go down to the record. There is a blockin mechanism that prevents lowering the arm to the record. Can someon help with this? Thanks

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The "blocking mechanism" that keeps the arm from going down could be that the "CUE" (arm lift) lever is in the "up" position.

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  1. There could be an actual malfunction of the player.

  1. The rubber mat must be aligned so the holes match the holes of the metal platter. This is so the player can sense record size auto, matically.

Some Sony models were prone to bad 100uF caps which caused a variety of malfunctions; usually motors would not run, or there would be system control issues.

Mark Z.

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