Screwdriver for Video Camera?

I want to open the camera,but the screws are the tiny philips-type.

I tried to open it with a flat- bladed jewlery screwdriver, but the screws are too tight.

I went to the hardware store, but they only have the flat- bladed jewlery screwdriver.

Where can i find the tiny philips screwdriver?

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Radio Shack, among others; they're common as dirt.

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I needed a tiny Torx driver and found it in a kit at Sears. That kit includes Philips #0, #00 and #000 as well as several other tiny drivers.

It has been several years, but I think they still carry similar tools. This kit is a "Professional 12-pc. Micro-Tech Expert Screwdriver Set", Sears stock number 9-41670.

Other stores to check are Ace Hardware, Radio Shack, Harbor Freight, Tool World.


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Fred McKenzie

What are the chances the screw are metric? before you laugh I work on Makino milling machines and they are made in Japan and the philips screws on the machine are Metric, the angle and width of the slots are different than standard, a Craftsman screwdriver fits very sloppy and 8 times out of 10 will strip the screw head.

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Marslee: What you may be referring to is the not so common (Japan Industry Standards) JIS Cross Point which is similar to the American Pozi-drive, both are "compatible" with standard "Phillips type" screwdrivers ... the tips are a little more blunt and square than the standard Phillips and come in the same sizing such as #00, #0, #1, etc. The standard Phillips screwdrivers will work fine on these screw heads as long as you are careful in selecting the largest tip that will fit snugly and use enough pressure to avoid camming out the head... a worn Phillips screwdriver tip will cause problems for these alternate heads and even with the standard Phillips head..... throw them out when they get worn and don't allow your new screwdrivers to cam out or the tip will start to get rounded.. The standard Phillips tips will work just fine for your camcorder.... usually a #00, #0 or #1. Fred had the right suggestion... go to Sears and get their 12 pc precision screwdriver set which includes all the most common small sizes or Torx, Phillips & Slotted. If you are not interested in the complete set you can go to any well stocked (ACE) hardware store and buy similar precision screwdrivers individually.

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Daniel Sofie
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Most any place that sells tools or hardware will have the jewler's screwdrivers, usually a pack of 4 or 5 philip/flat mix. Even the dollar store at the mall has them for $1. To help prevent wallowing out the screw slots, apply downward pressure with one hand, and rotate the screw driver with the other (possibly with small plyers).

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Si Ballenger

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Jumpster Jiver

Are you sure they are Philips head screws? I have seen a 3 point (I don't know the technical name for it) screw used in many electronic devices. My Nintendo GameCube console and controllers use them, and I have come across them in other equipment. They look a lot like a Philips head when you look at them, but they are not. It's one way the manufacturer tells people to "keep out!" And a pain in the ass they are too. I have had luck using a flat bladed jewelers screwdriver in these with a lot of patience. Just a thought.

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