Sanyo DS27425 Power Supply

This is a one of these cheap sets WalMart was pumping out circa 2005; I've seen at least two others and didn't have any luck with either of them. I hoped to fix this one because it's a fairly large set and for once the customer didn't mind spending a bit of money on it. But it's just as poorly-built as the last two I attempted to fix, and I'm not sure if it's worth bothering with. It came in with the power supply blown. After replacing the chopper transistor and several other components, the PS sounded like it was trying to start up but the B+ was only 70V, and within 10 seconds the exact same failure occured again.... an hours work gone in a puff of smoke. There don't seem to be any obvious shorts on the secondary side, at least not that show up when the set isn't powered. But before I waste any more time and money on this, I thought I'd check and see if there are any common failures with these sets, that someone here may be able to point me to. Thanks for any advice.

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