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I have been using different variations of the Sansa Clip mp3 players for
several years. Sansa explicitly says that of those players that accept
a micro SD card, the maximum size of the card is 32GB. However, all the
players I have bought will, in fact, accept and address 64GB when these
devices are new.

In my experience the lifetime of Sansa players is only a couple of years.
The first thing that fails is the clip attachment. Shortly after the
clip fails something happens to the the circuitry that recognizes the
SD card. I thought the devices lost the ability to see the SD card. I
now find that those devices will still recognize a 32GB card after
once having been able to recognize a 64GB. In other words, it seems that
the high address bit of the circuitry fails in a way that Sansa knows
it will happen so they only advertise a 32GB capacity.

Does this seem in any way reasonable?

Re: Sansa MP3 player question
On Wed, 19 Jul 2017, root wrote:

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I've read that one limitation is that the firmware puts a limit on the  
number of songs.  I've wondered whether that means there is an absolute  
limit, or if you keep file names short, you get more songs.

The device came out quite some time ago.  I suspect it predates larger  
memory cards, so they may have never thought they'd get so large.

I have a Sansa Fuze, the clip never broke off because there was no clip.  
And I think maybe it specified some smaller memory card, maybe 16gig but  
maybe smaller, simply because there was nothing larger in site when it was  
released.  Whether or not it can handle more is another question.

I have a 32gig and all seems fine.

One thing you might have checked was whether the player saw 64gig or just  
32gig, from the start.  It is possible they haven't got the extra bit.  
The card works, but you never see the extra memory.  That's speculation.  
I have no idea why the larger cards stop working


Re: Sansa MP3 player question
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Thanks for responding. I did check the older devices and they did
see 64G from the start, at least those that I tried.

Sansa MP3 player question
Could it be that you added/replaced songs when it started to fail? Maybe it cannot read beyond 32gb data area and fails when some data falls outside that area.

Sansa MP3 player question
Ten years ago, Sandisk was showing such  
promise as the 'iPod killer' with their  
Sansa portable players.  So where did they  
fall flat?  

With product reliability, and total  
absence of anything resembling customer  
service/user support.  Their designs were  
physically sturdy, compact, and straight-
forward to use.  Video-out, actual five-  
band equalizers, and even FM tuners  
were giving Apple and others a run for  
their money - until you put your device,  
like the Sansa View, into Shuffle mode  
while playing music.  

On-screen art & info lagged behind the  
song playing, the controls would freeze,  
and sometimes the music would just stop  
playing for up to a minute at a time.  
Such was my experience with the 16Gb
View I had back in 2008.

If they had functioned as effortlessly and as  
reliably as Apple's or Samsung's devices,  
I might never have bought all these iPods!
Maybe just iPhone.

Re: Sansa MP3 player question
On Thu, 20 Jul 2017, wrote:

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I've never had a problem with my Sansa Fuze, except there was some sort of
covering, plastic or something, and that's coming off.

WOrd is that MP3 players died because people decided they'd rather have
smartphones or something else that did MP3s along with a bunch of other  
things.  The Sansa were MP3 players only.  They've disappeared, as well as  
others, if I see an MP3 player in a flyer, it's a low end generic player.

The same word says that low end digital cameras have faded too, people  
wanting that get it in  their smartphone or tablet.  You can still get  
digital cameras, but they are more expensive, offering better specs.  The  
cheapest ones have disappeared.


Re: Sansa MP3 player question
Michael Black:  

Admittedly, most of the problems I described  
happened with their View, not the contemporary  
Clip or later Fuze.  They just didn't Q.C. the  
thing sufficiently - if at all - before product  

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