GE Microwave Oven Turntable Motor

I have a mid-sized GE Microwave Oven model JES1033wb-001 aprox. 5 yrs old. The motor that turns the glass tray has failed. The GE part number os WB26X10033 GE wants $54.00 for the motor, Sears Parts lists it at $102. Which is totally un-reasonable since I can replace the oven with a no-name brand for $40 and an on sale GE for $60.

I am hoping someone can advise me where to get a sub part cheaper..maybe a used part? Is anyone aware of any used appliance parts websites or the like?

Or is anone aware of where I could get parts to repair the existing motor. The motor functions electically but 2 small nylon gears inside the motor have stripped teeth. Does anyone have a good source to get nylon gears from?

Additional markings on the motor (green label on back)

GM-16 -12F50 Korea Nakagawa Elec Co Made in China P/N 6549W25002L

The 2 gears have molded numbers on them of

1st gear GM 16 12 F31 2 2nd gear Gm 16 4G B
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Its probably an OEM proprietary part. When I need motor replacements I take the old motor to my local Granger. The very often can match it up to a GE, Westinghouse, Dayton etc. Now a days, I probably would go to Costco and get a new microwave oven unit. Tom

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