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I have a defective music device. It's a MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV USB midi interface. The problem is that the USB is not working. I'm hoping to fix the unit myself, because sending it to MOTU for repair would cost a good chunk of the value of the unit.

A few of the IC's on the main board are seated in sockets, so I decided to try a simple swapping method to see if any of the IC's could be the problem. I got a working unit of the same kind and swapped IC's until I found a particular IC that seems to be the source of the problem. (Whichever unit has this IC fails, regardless of what other IC's are in it.)

MOTU doesn't sell replacement parts, so if I want to replace this IC I need to get it from a third party supplier. Now, I don't know a thing about IC's, so I'm lost here. The IC is marked: CG5273DM 64013PC IND9940


Google comes up with lots of hits on the first code, CG5273DM and no useful hits on the others, so I'm assuming that first code is what's significant.

Now, a bunch of electronic component suppliers carry IC's that have that designation of CG5273DM. They all have the right number of pins, but vary in terms of the dimensions of the chip (which is listed in some cases). The chips are described in some places as a DIP-28L audio echo processor. That doesn't sound to me like it'd be used in a MIDI interface, but what do I know?

So I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there any chance in hell that if I buy one of these chips from a third party it's actually going to be the right one and make my unit work?
  2. Where would I find a supplier that would sell me a single one of these IC's? Buying 0 worth of them (or whatever the minimum order of the wholesalers is) would not be much better than sending the unit to MOTU.
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Hamad bin Turki Salami
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Is this IC a mask ROMmed uP? If so, then I'd be careful of second sources. You would need to ensure that the replacement IC was programmed with exactly the same firmware.

- Franc Zabkar

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Franc Zabkar

On some of the Google hits, this chip seems to be associated with Cypress, and Cypress makes generic USB interface chips, so this seems to make sense. However, the Cypress website doesn't know anything about this model. I don't know if this is maybe some Chinese clone, or whatever. Try asking Cypress.

Yes. AFAIK these controllers get their firmware from an EEPROM (there should be one nearby).

HTH Clemens

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Clemens Ladisch

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