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I need to virtualize a linux box which is connected to a weather station ovvia usb. Unfortunately I won't have USB access from a virtual machine.

Hence I need to get an ethernet to usb converter which lets me access a usb device over the network. Occasionally I've seen hardware converters like this, but currently I cannot find any which is compatible with linux (i.e. has drivers for debian/linux).

Thanks for comments and tips

regards geir

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Geir Holmavatn
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Good luck.

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Meat Plow

why don't you put a sbc running linux w/ usb at the remote location?

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AZ Nomad

Should be possible. For instance VMWare offers an virtualised environment for guests to have access to the USB ports of the host. This is done with passthrough drivers.

Google "usb passthrough linux" and whatever virtualisation tech you are using.

Adrian C
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Adrian C

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