Phillips 170C LCD monitor. No picture and all settings are at -1.

Any ideas.

I've had this 17" LCD monitor for three years plus with no problems what so ever,

Untill today.

I turned the monitor on and then the PC and for some reason the initial message was in chinese! No signal!

This dissapeared and then all i had was a blank screen.

none of the buttons on the side worked, or they seemed not to work,

After a quick hunt 2~3 hours on the net, i mannaged to find that the OSD was locked!

After unlocking the OSD (pressing and holding the ok button for 10 secs)

I reset the language to english and then reset the monitor to its factory defaults.

Still nothing, (no display)

However the backlights are working ok as you can see the edge glow from all four of them in the dark.

and the OSD is perfect,

there is no computer display even if you look across the LCD display.

I have plugged the monitor in to 2 other PC, still not working.

I have changed the resolution from 640*480 through to 1200*1024. none display.

I have checked the cable from the PC to the monitor, all ok.

I then checked the OSD settings.

ALL OF THE SETTINGS, Colour, Brightness, R,G,B

have the value of -1 (minus one). normall in the range of 0 - 255

and you are not able to change any of these values!!

I have e-mailled phillips and have had no reply.

Any ideas?

Is there a service mode to this monitor? can the monitor be completly reset? any ideas as to where i can find a repair / service manual?

Thanks in advance


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It sounds like a problem with the controller board, not the inverter board. I would suggest you resolder all connections on this board, even the solder-through holes where possible. These are usually multi-layer boards and sometimes have inter-layer connection failures.

You might also look for a small 8-pin IC that begins with 24L or 24LC. Many monitors store their setting in these flash eeproms. Sometines, replacing one with a blank eeprom will fix the problem.

Phillips will probably not sell you parts for these monitors. You might check EBay to try and locate a broken monitor.

Hope this helps... John

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I'll have a look for the eeprom.


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Yup it was the eeprom,

I have managed to find an equivelent from RS.

£1 plus p&p.

I'm going to see and what philips quote me for a replacement chip. should be interesting.


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