Panasonic HS2 Power Supply Fault?

My HS2 has worked well for years, mainly recording to HDD, with the odd DVD-RAM disc for transfer to PC. Lately, when trying to dub to a DVD-R, the recording stops after a few seconds, and the unit switches off. Switching back on gives the dreaded "recovering" and a scrap DVD-R.

I haven't been able to upgrade any firmware (I think 4x DVD-Rs didn't exist when I bought it), but even when I try a 1x disc left over from years ago, from the same packet as the ones it used to work with, the same thing happens.

It strikes me that aging of the power supply has left it even more marginal than when it was constructed, and it is running out of amps when trying to burn a disc.

Is there a known easy fix- like change a few capacitors, or is it time for a 21st century DVDrec?

(I suppose I could run the HDD off a seperate supply, but that involves a lot of moving of devices, as naturally, the HS2 is at the bottom of the stack!)


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