Need schematic

Need the schematic for

4VWIN Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm
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or Harbor Freight Home Security Driveway Alarm

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or ? whatever name it is sold under.

I want to modify it for my special application.

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Such as an IED, maybe?


Phil Hobbs

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Phil Hobbs

I had the original Harbor Freight unit pretty well figured out, and made several modifications. Then they went to surface mount parts and changed the type of circuit, and the parts considerably! I gave up on deciphering the new unit. If you get info, I'm interested. Mikek

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The threat posed by ever more powerful cheap lasers from China is something the authorities appear to be overlooking.

And then there are all those folks designing their own viruses aided by cheap PCR machines, also from China, that need looking into urgently.

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Cursitor Doom

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Consumers have access to consumer grade goods. AMD makes their new Ryzen CPU for consumers with like 16 cores or such.

The stuff the pros and the supercomputer builders use have 32 cores for 64 process threads. I will be building a waveform analyzer using the 2990WX. They are like $1800 each. PCR machines? They don't require much. Remember "Sneakers"? The future is quantum decryption.

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