ECC memory module modification?

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Some time ago I found Intel video that shows the benefit of ECC memory.  
The video presents modified ECC memory module with a switch that induces  
memory error, then it shows how i5 can't handle such error and how Xeon  
processor can. Here is the video in question, they show module at time  

I'd like to have such module for demonstrating purposes. I wrote on  
Intel forum but after some time it occured that it is impossible to get  
the schematic of the modification from them (obviously...).

Is it possible to figure out how to make such modification?  
Theoretically, what modification would probably work and would not  
damage motherboard/CPU? :-)

I would appreciate your thoughts.


Re: ECC memory module modification?
I am not usually one to send people elsewhere, but this question might be b
etter answered in They do some embedded systems etc
. so they might be more familiar with the hardware. I used to be a hardware
 guy but not at that level. Plus I got out of it shortly after Pentiums cam
e out. Well not that shortly. Needless to say I am full of useless informat
ion now.

Re: ECC memory module modification?
On 23.09.2018 00:16, wrote:
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Thanks for this suggestion, I've just posted there too.


Re: ECC memory module modification?
On Saturday, 22 September 2018 20:09:51 UTC+1, geos  wrote:
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probably quicker to do than discuss. Attach a switch to a random line to resistor then to one of the power rails. If it doesn't work, try connecting it to another line.


Re: ECC memory module modification?
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Interesting problem. Two memory modules need to be hacked. You need a  

Then you need to debounce a push button switch and twiddle one bit for
one read cycle, regardless of how long the button's pushed.

Thank you, 73,

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