NEC MultiSync LCD1700M Power Supply Problem

Hi, all!

I'm looking for some more information on an NEC Multisync LCD1700M power supply problem. Preferably a schematic on the power supply itself.

When I first got the unit, the monitor would attempt to power on and then shut down. The power LED would blink and you would hear a popping sound from the built-in speakers.

I opened the monitor up and took a look at the power supply. Physically, the following capacitors in the secondary of the supply were bulging and/or vented - C701, C702, C704, and C713 - and have since been replaced. The popping sound has gone away, but the supply voltages/power LED continue their bounce.

The power supply appears to be made by Acer. "Acer Communications and Multimedia" are printed just above the switching transformer. In the center of the circuit board on the copper side is the number "48.L1404.A10". Searching for this number yields nothing. There is a bar-coded sticker with the following information:

"55L0704D21AD5151S00772 XD763"

If anyone has any information they could pass along on this monitor and/or problem, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Randy

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Randy Thompson
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Hi Randy,

I have the same problem. Have you been able to get help with this yet?, or are you still waiting? If you have and info could you please pass it on. Or if anyone else has information on this problem, can you please send me any info you have. Thank you in advance for any and all help you have.


Randy Thomps> Hi, all!

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Off hand I would suggest checking the diodes that feed into the capacitors, since the caps were likely to have shorted they may have over heated them...

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