Motorola 3000 cellphone programming manual

Can't find a cellphone group so this will have to do for now... I have come across the Motorola 3000 cellphone programming manual that I had with my last car phone (car and phone gone about 4 years.) It's marked 68P81119E99-A, 6/27/88-RGC and is in good shape but marked-up with my old number, access codes, etc. This phone was an in-car analog unit, 3 watts power, made circa

1987-88 (sorry, sold with car - pity, should have kept it!) I'll mail the 17 page, 5 x 8 inch, manual (just folded pages) to the first person I hear from who wants it for the price of the postage (likely just large letter rate) as I hate to chuck out potentially useful collector stuff like this. Email me at "analogdino 'at' rogers 'dot' com", but formatted properly (anti-spam), if you want it. Cheers, Roger Near Toronto, Canada.
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