Mitsubishi hs-u746 vcr acting weird


We've got a Mitsubishi vcr, a bit less than 10 years old, that's been acting weird. It's less and less willing to play tapes, even new ones. On the occasions that you can get it to record something, rewind that same tape in the same vcr, and it won't play.

Obviously something is getting messed up with the tension sensor.

Is this something that would be easy to fix? A 10-yr-old vcr doesn't seem worth much investment, especially with the cable switch to all- digital coming at the end of the month.

The only digital-compatible things I've seen to replace it are dvd recorders (no good dvr options without a monthly subscription fee).

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YeH, you are right. Scrap it as old technology.

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Rheilly Phoull

If not drive belt problem then Generally with vcr decks, 80 percent of the time it will be the felt on a slip clutch or the back-tension band that is too slippy or conversely, grimey, so too sticky If not familiar with them mark and or photo parts before dissassembly

-- Diverse Devices, Southampton, England electronic hints and repair briefs , schematics/manuals list on

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After 10 years things like rubber idler tires can dry out and crack or just simply wear out. If parts are available I would get a belt, idler, and pinch roller kit. These sometimes come with tension bands. You'd be out maybe $40 bucks.

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Meat Plow

The cable STB puts out an analog signal. So do DTAs many cable systems are using.

I'm assuming that you have ruled out the "fee-free" Moxi DVR.

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