Mitsubishi HS-M55 - with rods ? ?

Hi everybody

Ages ago I bought the Mishibishi HS-M55 to be used for taping music only, a t half speed. I was extremely pleased with the high quality machine. The performance was impeccable and the sound characteristics (wow & flutter, fo r instance) better than in my B 77.

The weak point, of course, are the rubber belts that dry unfunctionable. T hey were changed at least once but now there's no spares to be found anywhe re - let alone finding a repairman who would work with these oldie goodies . . .

My big question is, is there a machine with similar or better performance t han the HS-M55 but designed with rods instead of rubber belts ? I do reali ze that the whole VHS concept is way out-of-date, only that I have 40-odd t apes filled with good music, 300+ hours.

If I find, with the help of you, that there is/was a high quality Hi-Fi Nic am Stereo VHS player with half-speed and rods, then I can start chasing it from e-bay or similar places. They sometimes offer the weirdest unused mac hines in unopened factory packages . . . Well, one can always hope !

Appreciating all your help in beforehand.

Best regards,

Kare Ojaniemi Helsinki, Finland

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Can you try to explain what "rods" are?

If you are complaining about belts, I'd figure you mean you are looking for machines using direct drive, but for VHS, there were very few of those and generally didn't work well.

And "half speed" is the EP or "6 hour mode"?

I know some japanese machines (like JVC) didn't have the 4hr mode, just SP (2 hour) and EP (6 hour) but not sure how you get half using those two figures.


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