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I have an old (1988) laser printer which needs a new fuser lamp. It's an obscure make (Blaser Star 2), I believe it's based on a Sanyo mechanism.

An original is almost certainly no longer available, however I'm hoping to find a usable lamp in the spares lists for more mainstream printers. (There can't be all that many variations on a straight halogen lamp as wide as A4 paper, can there??)

It looks much like the linear halogen lamps that are sometimes used in home floodlights, the contacts being 'dimples' in the ends.

Rating is 220V 550W (UK power) Length (overall) 307mm Diameter 8mm (excluding the knobbly bit in the middle).

I suspect wattage is slightly negotiable as the fuser is thermister controlled anyway. Length would also be slightly negotiable by adjustment of the spring contacts.

So, can anyone out there say if the lamps for common printers such as the HP LJ series, Canon engines, Lexmark, etc are that physical size? That wattage? Whilst lots of sites list spare lamps, all just say "fits make xxx model yyy" and give no mechanical info whatever!

Thanks for your help. Mike.

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Early LJ's have pigtail leads on the lamps; If you get hard up I guess you can easily adapt one. I think the other specs are similar. I've never seen a UK model but I know that they are made with a 220V fuser lamp because the "fix your own printer" sites say you should expect half the resistance for a 220V model.

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I think the HPLJ II/III fuser lamp is very close in specs. You can buy them here:

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However, it does use pigtail leads. Perhaps the side plate holders for the HPLJ II/III could be modified and used in your printer:

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The 120V HPLJ III is rated at about 760W, the fuser lamp of the unit is rated at about 570W (220v) (620W for 120V). If your printer consumes much less than this, say < 500W, beware.

Fuser power should be somewhat related to print speed. For example, the fuser lamp of the Canon NX (HP 4si) probably uses a lot more power as that printer itself consumes power in the kilowatt range.

I don't have a lamp outside of a fuser with me at the moment, however measuring roughly from the outside, the specs are about what you need.


Mike Shell

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Michael Shell

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