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Looking for info on Klein+Hummel Model OY monitor speakers. The units are around 40 years but the one that's working sound excellent. I need a schematic for the preamp section in particular. There is a canister type device I take to be a filter of sorts with 8 leads coming out of it, but no markings. all leads are the same color, so as to be really helpful.

The manufacturer & their dealers' sites as well are of no help...guess they don't care about supporting anything of that vintage.

Any & all help is appreciated.


Brian K.
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Brian K.
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I repaired one last week (no sound from the treble driver). Fault was dust in the treble level control.

The canister near the inputs is a 600 ohms line input transformer.

Have you asked the service department of the broadcast company these speakers originally came from?

Hope this helps Matti

P.S. I'm looking for the schematics too. the power amps are quite simple in construction, only special components seem to be germanium transistors as drivers.

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