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A music system repairman friend of mine has a JVC XL-MV303 system with zener location # D 571 burnt, & can't read it. I can't find any info on the JVC site. Anyone have a schematic, or parts? Thanks, Dani.

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The service manual should be available from JVC parts department, or any one of their distributors for parts.

Service manuals are copyright material, and are not free of charge.

In the case of a blown Zener, the cause of its failure will also have to be located and delt with.

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Dani wrote:

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Jerry G.

I am A JVC SERVICE CENTER!!!! I get service info for free!!! I can't locate any info. It's for a music gear repairman. I don't evenknow what type of unit it is! Does anyone have any helpfull info here??? Dani.

Jerry G. wrote:

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Dani kirjoitti:

You are a JVC service center? Really? Then u should know yourself!

PS:Top-posting SUCKS!!!!! Please write your reply _below_ your quote (and don't quote unnecessarily).

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