This JVC DR-MV1SU combination VHS/DVD burner has been locking up when trying to burn a disk. The DVD burner itself looks like it came right out of a PC. It's got the four pin power supply cable and a 40 pin IDE cable going to it. To make a long story short, how likely is it that if I buy and replace the burner with another "made for PC burner," that there will not be any compatibility problems? I was unable to locate the identical replacement burner, an LG GDA-4120B, other than as a JVC replacement part which costs over $230.

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Replacing player mechanisms seems to be easy. I've never tried to replace a burner, but something made by the same company is the most likely to work. You could try installing the bad drive in a PC to get a better idea of it's capabilities. Andy Cuffe


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It's certainly worth a try. That would at least tell me whether the electronics in the main unit are bad or the drive itself is bad.

Thanks for your reply.

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