Jumping Mechanism

Hi Guys,

I'm dealing with a project that requires me to make a robot to jump by claps. I am able to deal with the clapping parts and the sound sensing parts. HOwever,I do face with a difficult task, that is the jumping part.

May anyone tell me how can i make a robot to jump up and land properly? What is the tools use to handle the jumping mechanism? Springs? Fast-rotating motor? May anyone give me some ideas?

I do really appreciate your guys' helps and advises. Hope to hear from you guys there. THanks..

Have a nice day.

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You might try a robotics-themed newsgroup.

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Jumpster Jiver

The BEAM sites might be a good place to start.

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I do remember a jumping robot on the forum. One idea involved explosive pistons! Richard

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Go to google.com and search for "jumping robot". I did and found several hits on the subject.


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