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Yesterday I bought a few iPod shuffle accessory packs at Radio Shack for $3 each. In them, among other things, is an iPod Shuffle dock. Of course I had to rip it apart to see what's inside.

Upon liberation of the circuit board, I found that the iPod shuffle dock has a slightly non-standard USB A jack on it. It's got the normal 4 pins for USB, but it's also got five very thin pins on either end and between the normal USB pins. If you also count the shield, which is wired separately on this unit, that's 10 pins.

I searched the web for the pinout of this, but came up with nothing. The dock has two settings, one connects the USB data lines to a host (PC) so you can use it as a mass storage device. The other setting lets you charge the shuffle and play music on the shuffle through a headphone/line output jack.

Does anyone know what the pinout is for this non-standard USB port? A link would be great.

Thanks, Jeff

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I'm not getting any useful response from this posting, so I'm cross posting it to a wider audience in the hopes that someone else knows the answer.

And no, the iPod shuffle certainly does not have the same connector as other iPods, despite some Russian pinout website that says it does. :-P

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