How to build a Li-Ion charger myself (windmill, generator, solar cells)??

I have a crazy idea:

  1. On my self suppored bicycle trips around the world I want to use a digital camera.
  2. I have faced reality and accepted that most digital cameras use Li-Ion batteries, which makes them very small and handy.
  3. Currently I'm interested in a Sony DSC-T7 which uses a Li-Ion battery. The battery specs can be found here:
    formatting link
  4. I don't want to carry a regular charger but I want to use either a regular bike generator (the ones powering for front and rear light on a bicycle), solar cells or a home-built mini wind mill which can be mounted on the bicycle and produce electricity during the night.

So the question is: Is it possible to build my own Li-ion charger if I have a varying power source such as a wind mill? I know that Li-ion batteries are difficult to charge and that they may be damaged if treated wrongly. I have seen in some other threads that companies such as Texas Instruments are offering special ICs. What about the small motor/generator for such a mini wind mill application - does anybody have recommendations? Are there some published circuits on the internet which I could use?

Regards, Lucas Jensen

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I thought Li-Ion battery requires very careful management to charge and discharging? Because the battery cannot be sensed for end of discharge?

Cheers, Wizard

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Jason D.

It would be far easier to get a cammera that uses AA batterys . I have seen a few that take 2 AA and some that take 4 AA then get one or 2 of those solar yard lights that take ordinary AA batterys and remove the cells & battery holder & mount them in someting small and light and keep some batterys charging in daylight

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Ken G.

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