How did your customers treat before & now?

I have noticed that about 6 years ago customers were somewhat nice and people who "I thought" were friends were nice but now alot of customers treat me like shit and people who I thought were friends ignore me just like customers specially when I call them at their home,they see my name & number on their caller ID phone and don't pickup. Do you all notice the same thing or is it just me?.

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Sidney (poor & pissed person) Dartmouth,Nova Scotia (the province of jelious and users) Canada

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Sidney: That is because you are part of the consumer electronics service industry..... one step below a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman and two steps below a used car salesman and on par with the crooked auto mechanics...... otherwise known as dishonest, crooked, a thief and pads the repair invoices so you can afford your affluent life style with fancy cars and hot and cold running women.

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Daniel Sofie
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And: Every Customer thinks their product is the best POS ever developed for mankind and they absolutely must have it working NOW to their preference, to hell with the manufacturer's specs, etc. And God Forbid if they have to wait a day to two for a friggin part!. When did these products change from entertainment to life support? Been doing this for over 40+ years and really sucks the lack of respect we get from our employers, let alone the flippin customers. They can't even remember what serviceable position, out of an entertainment centre, or wiped clean of filth mean!! We are out there trying to service the products to the best of our technicial ability. With the lack of support from many of the manufacturers. Let alone the fact that the service litertature costs the average shop about

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yea, but there is a fair share of screwball crackpot repair guys out there too.....aven more so with the internet available. Works both ways.

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