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I got a used 3M MP8030 projector that uses a 260 Watt Metal Halide bulb was running when I picked it up but today I get a message that the lamp is bad All I did between yesterday and today was clean teh filter and didn't jar the unit at all

Before I go out and spend $400+ on a new bulb I was hoping someone could tell me if and how I can test it ( it test open with an ohmmeter ) but after seeing references to Ballast I thought this might not be conclusive

And if its bad does anybody have a tip on lower cost options than buying the entire assy which is how 3M sells teh replacement

Thanks in Advance


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There is no cost effective way to test the bulb other than putting it in another identical and known working unit. Be aware that a bad bulb can damage a ballast and a bad ballast can damage a good bulb.

How many hours were on the lamp before it went out? Lamp could simply be at the end of its life and the unit has shut it down until it is replaced and the lamp timer is reset.

Did you allow the unit to cool off before unplugging it the last time it was run? Unplugging a unit while the lamp is hot and before the fans have cooled the lamp down can damage the lamp significantly reducing its life or potentially permanently damaging it if the unit is moved or carried with a hot lamp.

As for lower cost options, there are several third party vendors that might have the lamp assembly at a lower cost than 3M directly. $300-400 is about the average price for the lamps.

Metal halide lamps generally operate with a high voltage spark to start the lamp, ~30kV, and then runs with a voltage around 120V to 300V. They will always read open on a multimeter. Never touch the lamp or any part of the glass with your bare fingers, any grease on the glass will cause it to fail.

You didn't by chance break off one of the cover open tabs or damage the cover open safety switch on either the lamp housing cover or filter cover? Some units required the filter cover be in place or it won't turn on.

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Thanks its working It was an interlock on the filter that wasn't obvious No Idea what the hours are from what I can find you need the remote to get them and I don't have one Bob

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