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I need help on coming up with a solution for buzzing in my headset. Make and model intellitouch ITC-1220 it takes a 2.5 mm jack for the headset. There is interference coming from somewhere inside my home. I can hear when the fridge kicks on and the fan in the computer. I have tried a regular phone and that works. My guess is because it has better shielding than the headset. I would rather not buy a hundred dollar shielded headset (which may or may not work) and was hoping I can put something over the headset wires or some kind of in-line filter. An electricain came over to check the wiring and didnt find any issues. I may lose my job at home if I cant get this fixed, hope anyone can help with a possible solution.

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I Googled for ITC-1220 and came up with nothing, so I'm not sure what you are using. Electricians are not equipped to handle RFI problems, by the way. You should post more information.

Wireless headsets can be very crappy, by the way.

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Charles Schuler

At this point you cannot be certain your phone line is the souce of the "interferecne". It could be a defective phone or headset.

Have you tried any of the following? It should help you identify where the "interference" is originating.

1) Disconnect your phone line at the Demarction Point and then connect your telphone + headset, see if the "noise" is still there. 2) Try the headset with another phone.

3) The another headset with that phone.

4) Try all of the aboove at another location.

p.s. Did you mean to type "Intellitouch ITC-120" ?

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