help on cd pickup


Wonder if you can kindly offer me some information on CD pickup with regards to:

  1. pinout

  1. the structure, especially optics ( I have observed that the pickup structure differs from one model to another, is it possible for you to list or provide source of optics information of the cd pickup along with the product model, etc).

Thank you very much for your aid rendered and time. I have read through sam laser faq but it is too generalised.

Yours sincerely, Yoong Ping, Lim

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It's not the Laser FAQ that might be of use but the CD player repair guide, since it describes in more detail the functions of the various parts of a CD pickup.

If you have a specific model in mind, you should list it here. Someone may have a schematic of the player using it which would then have the pinout.

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Sam Goldwasser

Hi there,

I have dismanted a few old cdrom drive.

I feel it will be easier for me to perhaps ask what schematics you have and I will buy or get the cd player or drive model than the other way around.

Please advise.

Thank you for your time.

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What are makes and models of the "few old cdrom drives" that you have?

most certainly not easier.... reply post with the make and models.

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