having difficulty finding these components

I desperately need these three items for a project, but I'm having a hard time finding them. I had hoped to order all from a single source to save shipping costs, but I don't know if that's feasible. A cross reference with same pinouts might be helpful, but even having trouble with that... and running short on time. Any parts source and/or good cross reference would be welcomed. Thank you.

D40D5 NPN power tab transistor

2n2646 UJT MCR 106-8 or C107D or 2n4444
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This PITA has cross-posted the same to " sci.electronics.design " and maybe other NGs.

Hate that.

..... Phil

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Phil Allison

Can you not get something else that meets the necessary specs?

are those still used? Ordinary transistor breakdown might be used to replaced that.

a very familiar number. 400v scr. Got some of those.

or 2n4444

600v scr

Presumably you're just doing repairs with these parts.


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Go to http://www.nteinc.com/, search for your part numbers.  Replacement  
part numbers are all listed.  Beside each replacement part number, click on  
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Dave M


The D40D5 is an obsolete case style, but a TO-220 transistor can be used though the pin out may be different. The specs for the D40D5 are here:

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Many common TO-220 devices will work, like a TIP-41C or a BD-911. You may have to put sleeving on the leads and twist them around to the correct hole, depending on the board.

It would be helpful if you mentioned what product you are working on, as you might get better advice.

Regards, Tim

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Tim Schwartz

-220 transistor can


IP-41C or a BD-911.

uct you are working

Ok, I'll try it here too. I posted this in another group and finally reluctantly shared what it was for to be met with almost instant criticism, but here we go (I'm just quoting what I wrote in the other group):

Unfortunately, the exact schematic does not appear online and is copyrighted. However, it appeared in Radio Electronics Magazine September 1986, p. 42 stun gun. A similar one adapted from the article is here, but does not use the same components:

formatting link

I built the gun from the kit in 1994, but my wife used it a month ago and burned it out while scaring off a would be attacker.

I originally contacted the firm that made it, but have not heard back after several weeks, so I went parts looking myself. I don't trust the ones with the puny "400 KV" modules that seem to be front and center now. This one really worked and was tested scientifically at the time which is why I'd like to get the replacement components.

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The above poster is a dangerous lunatic.

He or his wife want to KILL someone by HV electrocution.

DO NOT assist in the repair of a lethal weapon.

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READ the warnings in the yellow box and the RED print further down.

..... Phil

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