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I think it's important that new visitors to this group know they are possibly facing responses from certain members who are somewhat beligerent. Just be carefull that your posts are articulate and don't intimidate anyone, because you could easily be insulted or badgered. This stuff should not bother me, because I've been told I'm one of the highest paid engineering techs in the country, but it does (I guess I'm insecure too!).

I rarely post this kind of thing, but I think it's needed.

Unfortunately, of all groups, this one would have to be this way, since this is my core field.

The best,


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Presumably, by making this assertion, you are trying to draw such behaviour ? If you think that people on here are capable of being intimidating, you should try some of the other groups, where responses often *really* are ...

I would put the opposite point to anyone new and thinking of posting here. This group is full of very qualified people who are ready and able to help. Occasionally, replies are less than polite, but usually when a poster says something which causes those more experienced to worry after his safety. Genuinely naiive questioners - and there are many - are normally treated with respect and pointed in the right direction.

Yes, be articulate if you can, but it's not a requirement, and yes, don't intimidate people who are just trying to help, but don't give potential newcomers the idea that if they post here, they are *likely* to get flamed - they aren't.

To anyone new thinking of posting here, just be sensible, and give a little thought to your question. The sort of posts which draw negative responses go a bit like " I have a TV which went wobbly sometimes. I have taken the back off and poked all of the big blue things and used a tester to check that there is 119 amps on the bias rail. Now it doesn't work at all. Help me out please guys ... "

If you want to be less insecure - and I would have to agree with you on that one - you need to change your outlook on life, and not look to newsgroups to justify your insecurities. I rather suspect that it will always be the case that when your cup is half empty, mine will be half full ... d;~}


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Arfa Daily

Actually, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be [:-)-|-<

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Leonard Caillouet

Arfa Daily ha escrito:

Good on ya, Arfa! I agree with the above, and would like to add as a suggestion to new posters that they *always* post the following info when after help on a piece of equipment (such as a tv or monitor):


-model number, screen size if tv/monitor

-chassis ref. if applicable

-approximate age

-any tests or voltage measurements carried out up to now

-detailed symptoms of fault (not just 'won't work' , 'goes funny' etc)

.....This may help reduce the number of annoying posts (IMHO) which provoke 'belligerent' answers , i.e. things like 'I have an old sony tv with a picture fault. I'm not a technician but have some experience of lawn mower repair. I'm sure this is just a faulty fuse. could anyone tell me where to look? '

In any case, perhaps newcomers could post if they have experience of repair or not - that would help prevent any misunderstandings on our part as to their capacity to use the information given.

just my 0.02 worth! regards,


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Hey, I like that one, I'll have to remember it.

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James Sweet

Classic case of over-engineering....


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