New Computer Bus Group

I started a new google news group called interfacebus.

The group will act as a forum for the web site

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and as a normal news group to discuss computer bus issues and questions.

To join, either go out to Google and search for interfacebus under the Groups heading or sign up via the subscribe button at the bottom of the

formatting link

The web site does have a design section ~

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With sections on Logic Design, Design Pitfalls, and Pasive Design issues

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Dude, Usenet died in 1996 or did you miss that?

Don't you wonder why most of the FAQ's were last up-dated in 1997? ~ The web happened, stay with me now. The real usenet is dead.

I started a new group on Google, I posted to Google. It was Google that posted this message to your dead use-group. I'm on Google Groups, not your 14,000k bps news group.

You could have just opt-ed out (with no comment), in stead you posted.

I looked at your posts; I see no redeeming value; perhaps you should stop posting

I looked at your posts; I see no no redeming value; prehaps you should stop posting

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Man!. You guys need to get a girl firend.

I assumed you all moved to winkipedia by now....

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No, it's only been infected by googletrolls.

We'll get that fixed soon enough.

Good-Bye. Rich

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Rich Grise


Has Google gotten back with you?

I understand that you told them that I said they were runing a news-group without them owning about it....

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You\'ve got six members in your lame ass SPAMSHIT little group and
you think that Usenet is dead?
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John Fields

On 22 Dec 2005 15:37:06 -0800 in sci.electronics.basics, "

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" wrote,

Yeah, well to hell with you and everybody else who starts up a new unwanted web group and then comes spamming on the real open usenet to try to draw people to their new stillborn ghost town group.

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David Harmon

I have requested that Google have a look at this reply.

I'm sure that normally they wouldn't take much notice.

This time, however, they might see that you have accused them of being responsible for your actions.

Oooops, not too clever.

I had a cursory glance at your website. Don't know much but it looks like it might be a bit of a cash generator for you? You wouldn't be spamming, would you?

Well, certainly you Carry Google Ads......

formatting link

How's about we ask Google to remove those for a kick off.

Oh, and the gmail account.

Perhaps some e-mails to the companies you list on your pages with a copy of your performance in this group so far.

Do you think they would be happy with being listed on your site, are you generating click throughs?

I see no 'original' content, haven't looked too hard though.

Next time you want to spam.... include your MAF Anti-Spam ID at the end of the post.

Seasons Best


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I had one once, she wouldn't let me be a pain in her ass so you're one of the substitutes.


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Hell, why don't we get a petition for google to remove the group?

1)Brendan Gillatt
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