Fuse T4E 250V What is AMP rating??

I have the subject fuse T4E 250V.

No one seems to know what the amp rating is.

Can anyone help??


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Really ? Nobody knows? Who did you ask ? T4E = time or slow blow, 4 Amp , 250 Volt max rating.

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Daniel Sofie
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Alex: You are asking a question like this.... AND you are going to fix your 4 month old Philips television?? You've gotta be kidding. Go to the website for this newsgroup at

formatting link
while there, read up on SAFETY information and of course, repair procedures and troubleshooting tips.

4 amp slow blow

electricitym . . . . .

-Alex wrote:

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-Alex schrieb:


Are you really sure that this letter is an "E"?

If it was an "A" I'd say it's a 4 amp slow blow ("träge") fuse.



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Reinhard Zwirner

Apparently not the right people...but I did guess right!

Thanks for the confirmation.

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Being retired, I have not had to pick up a soldering iron in 15 years. Likely have not had to replace a fuse during that time either.

In my school it was pretty much just as you responded below.

So I like to ask a question even if it seems dumb...Dumber is to assume.

Apparently others do not know the current style of fuse designation either. But now I do too....

TV IS fixed.

Thanks for the response.

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