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Is there anywhere in Orlando that you can buy electronic compnents other than Skycraft? They usually have something that will work, but sometimes they don't and I have to wait for stuff to ship and pay $5-$7 for shipping. Is there some place like mouser or digi-key in the Orlando area?

- Mike

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Michael Kennedy
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Go to switchboard.com search for "electronic parts" in "orlando fl"

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AZ Nomad

ACME Enterprises of Orlando

6192 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32810 407-296-2333 800-575-9833

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Glen Goodwin

Mike & Glen-

I think there is also a Newark Electronics office in the Orlando area. You might call them and see what they have.


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Fred McKenzie

There is (or was) also a place called All Electronics in Winter Springs. The owner ran a repair shop in the same building. I went in there a few years ago, and they refused to sell me a part because he had a minimum order policy, even for over the counter retail sales.

Acme looks like it's a mail order only operation, and their shipping is 11.99 on small orders.

Vance-Baldwin used to have a listing in the Orlando phone book, but they're not in the latest one. I don't know if they still have their Orlando office or not.

The last over-the-counter, retail, electronic parts place I know of in Orlando disappeared about 4 or 5 years ago. It evolved into a computer shop, now I think it's completely gone.


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